All My Novembers Came at Once

“I think I lost a century somewhere.”

So, it’s November apparently. I’m not quite sure how that happened, but we’ll go with it.

First of all, because I never grow tired of saying this, Holly Trinity and the Ghosts of York is out now, available through Amazon and Sixth Element Publishing in both paperback and ebook. If you’ve read and enjoyed it, please feel free to drop a review on Amazon or Goodreads. And maybe start to think about what you’re getting people for Christmas this year.

Of course, if you live in York itself, you will find it popping up in a few shops around the city. (Great sales pitch – “Will you stock my book. Oh, by the way, you’re in it.”) In fact, today brings some very exciting news – acclaimed local distillery York Gin opens a new branch at York railway station today, and will be stocking copies. So if you’re only passing through the city you can still grab a copy and a bottle to steady your nerves during the scary bits. Many thanks to York Gin for supporting a local author.

Launch day last month was marked with a special event at York’s Central Library. This was a fairly daunting prospect, since most writers don’t actually like to talk about ourselves out loud. We like to sit in a dark room and feed our imposter syndrome little snacks until it develops sentience. However, it all worked out in the end. I managed to talk at length on the book and how it came to be, and make it entertaining enough to shift a fair few copies. At least one person is getting Holly for Christmas this year. Thank you to everyone who came, and the library staff for welcoming me into their venue, and I promised you a sequel, didn’t I?

My next appointment is at one of York’s smaller libraries, where I and other local authors will be reading ghost stories for Christmas by candlelight. Which means it’s time to revisit The Carol of the Bells, the first Holly Trinity story to see print, from the Harvey Duckman Presents Xmas Special, also available from Amazon or Sixth Element Publishing, and equally Christmas present worthy.

But for now it’s November, and like Holly, I am adrift in time and scutting knackered, but with more tales to tell. More short stories are in development, and beyond that, something more. Because in the city of ghosts, there are places where even the King in the Mountain fears to go…

But that’s for another time.

Holly Trinity and the Ghosts of York and Harvey Duckman Presents Xmas Special are available to buy in Paperback and ebook. It really doesn’t get old saying that…