Harvey Duckman Live at Sci-Fi Scarborough

A few weeks past, a group of writers featured in the Harvey Duckman Presents series gathered via the magic of Zoom for Sci-fi Scarborough‘s online event. This fantastic annual seaside convention is a regular haunt for Harveys, but has been cancelled for the past two years owing to, well, you all know.

This year, we migrated online for a virtual author panel, the results of which can be seen here. In the first video, a gathering of Harveys discuss where they get their inspiration from, while the second panel, featuring some disreputable looking chap in need of a haircut, gets to grips with the practical nitty-gritty of writing a story.

Here’s hoping our words of wisdom will be of use to anyone contemplating putting pen to paper, and that we will find our way back to Scarborough next year to say more in person.

To find out more about the Harvey Duckman Presents series, purchase some of the nine volumes and counting currently available, or even submit a story of your own, visit the official website here.

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