Dig, Says Doug

We’re stood between four huge palm trees, and the sun is shining through the gaps between the leaves in a very particular way. The grass beneath our feet is long and coarse, except for where the sun has dried it to buggery. And the outline of dead grass is in the exact shape I used to sign my name to get on this godforsaken crew in the first place. As a Latin-educated fella of my fleeting acquaintance might put it, ten marks the spot.

“Dig,” says Doug.

International Talk Like A Pirate Day draws near (arr), and with it the release of the Harvey Duckman Presents Pirate Special, a collection of 15 swashbuckling short stories in the genres of fantasy, horror, sci-fi and steampunk. I am proud to be amongst this motley crew, with my story Dig, Says Doug.

The tale begins with two shipwrecked mariners cast adrift on a desert island where X marks the spot. “Dig,” says Doug, and his fellow castaway digs – but unearths something far weirder and more terrible than treasure…

The Harvey Duckman Presents Pirates Special will be available in paperback and on kindle on the 19th of September. The kindle version is available for pre-order now at the link below.

For more on the the other stories and authors in the book, my shipmate Mark Hayes is running a regular feature on his blog.